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 Dan MacLachlan

Dan MacLachlan

Southern Missouri Director – Springfield, MO

FCA’s vision is to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ, through the influence of coaches and athletes. In short, FCA is impacting and influencing lives.

Dan has experienced the impact of this mission from every vantage point:

   •  As a student-athlete, he received training at Leadership CAMP and was able to live out his faith  on his CAMPUS.

   •  As an FCA intern, he was able to help coordinate COMMUNITY events and minister as a Team  Chaplain.

   •  As a teacher and COACH, he’s been able to help young people grow and mature in their  character.

Dan is a product of 16 years in Southern Missouri FCA ministry—it works! FCA works because of the impact of sports and the influence of coaches on the individual. One coach will influence more young people in one year, than the average person does in a lifetime. Although coaches have some of the greatest influence in society today, they too need influencing. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes influences coaches by developing relationships that demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence.

Dan is committed to:

  • living a life of INTEGRITY both publicly and privately.
  • SERVING others as he fulfills his role as Southern Missouri FCA Director.
  • developing an environment of TEAMWORK with staff, coaches, student-athletes, volunteers, and donors.
  • fulfilling his ministry with the EXCELLENCE in which God has called him. 

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